People beg you to buy stuff every day. Yawn. We’re different, because as you probably noticed on our home page, we present a list of stuff you really shouldn’t buy. Because, you know, we’re contrary.

We hope you’re here because YOU are also a contrary thinker. If so, on our site, you’ll find the radical, the atypical, the paranormal, the impractical…and that’s precisely the point. In some cases, we receive affiliate commissions from Amazon, Etsy, and other retail destinations. In other cases, we receive no commission at all and simply direct you to a product because we think it fits our (and your) contrary mindset. And in yet other cases, we’ll point you to strange videos, articles and other content. It’s all good.

So, please check back frequently to find strange things you really shouldn’t buy.

Which means, in true contrarian style, you’ll probably buy them anyway.